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WebTEK Marketing: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Utah

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be one of the most effective and measurable forms of marketing, and have incredibly high ROI. The key is to have an eye on the long term goals, building your strategy on sustainable growth. Your site should be built in a way Google and other search engines can navigate and understand, and entice them to crawl its pages often. Your site must gain popularity (i.e. # of links, social signals, etc.) over time on a natural curve. Most importantly, you must have an experienced partner you can trust to lead you through this ever-evolving process.

Webtek Labs offers a comprehensive SEO program:

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization could be the most important component of a successful SEO strategy. Your website is far more than an online brochure; it is the primary means by which your customers will interact with you. Therefore, it must be optimized in content, structure, and promotion in order to ensure that your listing appears near the top for all the major search engines. WebTek Labs uses a variety of tactics which integrate specific keywords and phrases seamlessly into your web site. These keywords and phrases become the focal point for search engines, thereby keeping your site at the top the list.
On-Site optimization will include the following components:

- Keyword Research
- On-Page Keyword Optimization
- Creation of unique SEO friendly pages titles and Meta tags
- Creation and uploading of a robots.txt (robots.txt)
- Optimization of header tags
- Optimization of alt image tags
- Optimization of site structure and internal linking
- Creation and submission to Google, Yahoo & Bing of xml sitemap (sitemap.xml).
- Competitive Analysis
- Keyword Tracking (up to 200 competitive terms)

Optimized Web Site Design

Webtek Labs understands that SEO optimization strategies must be implemented on your website in a way that is seamless and does not interfere with the user experience. Website creation should be more than just an exercise in plugging a laundry list of key words and phrases into your text; it should be about getting the most from that text without being overbearing. Since your website needs to be both visually attractive and functional, you need quality content that fits well with both components. Webtek Labs can provide you with quality copy, or teach you how to expertly write it yourself.

Off Site Optimization – Link Building

In terms of Internet marketing, what you do off-site is just as important as what you do on-site. In other words, just as the businesses of days past utilized things like the yellow pages, newspaper ads, and direct mail marketing, today’s Internet- centric businesses need to utilize other websites and utilities as marketing tools. SEO optimization accomplishes this task primarily through the link building techniques.
Link building is a system whereby we create quality, relevance, one-way links to your website placed strategically on the other sites most likely to provide you with new customers. Search engines award ranking through a “point” system based on the relevancy and importance of back links directed at your site. Conversely, they penalize for spam, irrelevancy, or poor quality back links. With an affective and back link strategy your search engine position will be improved and maintained.

Our White Hat Link Building service includes the following components:

- Article Submission Marketing
- Quality Directory Submissions
- Hosted Marketing Pages Relevant to your Products & Services
- Power Linking on Web2.0 Properties and Branded Hub Pages
- Promotional Blog Posts
- Social Media Promotion (on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and 100s of other sites)
- RSS Feed Syndication & Integration
- Themed On-Topic Link Building (via Search Query)
- SEO Friendly Press Releases (+ Syndication Service)

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