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WebTEK Marketing: Link Building

Link Building

Off-site link building is one of the key methods of utilizing other web sites and marketing tools to drive customers to your web site. Creating effective back links is a process which involves researching your business and your needs, finding other web sites where your potential new customers will be found, and then creating quality and relevant links that will direct those customers back to you.

Search engines check back links for relevancy, importance, and prominence. The higher your back links are rated by search engines, the higher your listing rank will be. Webtek Labs utilizes a number of different strategies to create and maintain back links which meets the criteria of search engines and increase your web traffic.

Our White Hat Link Building service includes the following components:


Article Submission Marketing

There are thousands of article submission web sites, but less than five dozen that really matter in terms of good back links. Submitting quality articles to these sites is critical in creating relevant back links targeted at your customers. While article submission marketing submission is a great tool for building back links, avoiding duplicate content is a critical issue due to the sheer number of articles submitted to the web on a daily basis. We overcome this by submitting only unique articles to submission sites, and never submitting the same article to more than on site. We also strive for quality content rather than simply link-laden fluff.

Directory Submissions

Internet directories are the modern version of yellow pages, except that they tend to be more niche-specific. When utilized correctly, directory submissions can significantly increase your page ranking and web traffic. Used incorrectly, your links may appear to search engine spiders as nothing more than spam. Webtek Labs provides maximized directory submissions by making sure all submitted descriptions are unique and anchor text is varied.

Presell Pages (Hosted Marketing Pages)

Presell page back links are perhaps the highest value back links in the industry due to the fact that they are hosted on domains that are already highly trusted. Also known as the “perfect” link, presell pages utilize 500-800 words of quality content which is directly aimed at your audience. The content not only utilizes your key words and phrases, but it is also relevant and uses seamless and natural anchor text. Links are embedded strategically in the text in ways that maximize their benefits.

The higher value of these links is due to:
– The relevance of the text to your business
– The relevance of the domain to your business
– The established, trusted domain that hosts your content (often the domain is very old, with 1000s of natural back links)
– The natural linking pattern established with placement and anchor text

Power Linking and Branded Hub Pages

Power linking is similar to presell pages in that the content surrounding your back links is controlled by us. Power linking involves creating content pages on trusted, popular web 2.0 websites. Unique content is used for each page created and we vary the URL destination and use natural anchor text. We currently have a list over 100 trusted domains, with IP diversity, on which we can implement power linking.

Promotional Blog Posts

The blogosphere is an excellent marketing tool because of the tendency for readers to be extremely loyal to their preferred blogs. Enlisting the help of bloggers to write about your products and services becomes an incredible promotional tool if used properly, and the natural back links created through promotional blogging will improve your organic search ranking. We have working relationships with bloggers all over the blogosphere who can write targeted content relevant to your business, and post it to trusted sites around the Internet.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion takes advantage of the ready-made marketing tools that are social media, social networking, and video sharing sites. The potential of social media to reach untold numbers of viewers makes them a natural “marketing lightning rod” for your business. Webtek Labs currently has accounts already set up on major social media websites that can be used to promote your business.
We set up branded company pages on MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and other sites which are essential to establishing a brand identity for your business. Additionally, your web site’s out going RSS feed is integrated into micro blogging sites, which automates posts & tweets. We will make friends and get people following your updates and posts.

Social Media sites we already work with include:
- Social Networking: MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter
- Social Bookmarking: Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz!
- Video Sharing: YouTube, MetaCafe, Viddler

RSS Feed Integration & Syndication

RSS feeds and syndication go hand in hand in marketing your company on the Internet. We give your company great exposure by generating new back links through RSS feeds listed on thousands of syndicated content directories. Through RSS feeds we can syndicate your content on blog submission sites, social media sites, and news aggregation sites.

Link Building via Search Query

A search query using the key words and phrases relevant to your web site will immediately yield thousands of other places where you can create back links by submitting comments, blog submissions, and content. We utilize search queries on a regular basis to find outlets for your back links. Combined with good search analysis, we can help you dominate your industry buy optimizing your back links.

SEO Friendly Press Releases (+ Syndication Service)

Press releases are a great way to increase web traffic and brand visibility by incorporating relevant content and quality back links. Webtek Labs is proficient in writing and submitting press releases that are search engine friendly and free of duplicate content. In addition, our press releases are written as newsworthy items to optimize their ranking on news search sites. We also promote press releases via social news sites, like Digg, Reddit, Propeller, and Newsvine.

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